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If you are looking to qualify for a United States Green Card through investment, there is no better place to help you than EB-5 VISA CONSULTANTS.
EB-5 Investor Green Cards are granted to those who can invest either $500,000 in a regional center or $1 million in any US industry. You can apply from abroad or from within the United States.
We are experts in the EB-5 category and will guide you through the process step-by-step.
We can provide:
  • The opportunity to work directly with reputable Regional Centers
From start to finish, we will walk you through the entire process of your EB-5 investment. We will help you obtain your Green Card, for both you and your immediate family.
The US government encourages foreign investors to live and work in the United States. To become a permanent resident as a foreign investor you must meet the following requirements:
  • Invest at least $500,000 in a government-approved regional center; or
  • Invest at least $1,000,000 ($1 million) anywhere in the US

About $500,000 investments:

What is a regional center?

  • is an entity, organization or agency that has been approved by the government;
  • focuses on a specific geographic area in the US; and
  • seeks to promote economic growth through increased export sales, improved regional productivity, creation of new jobs, and increased domestic capital investment.
In simpler terms, a regional center is a company usually located in an economically underdeveloped region in the US that has been found by the government to be in need of financial investment for the promotion of growth and jobs.

What are the advantages of investing in a regional center?

Some advantages include the following:
  • No need to actively manage the company or investment.
  • Your investment is assumed to have created at least 10 additional jobs. (A requirement for $1 million investments.)
  • You invest less money. You only need to invest half the usual $1 million investment needed for permanent residency.
  • The process is usually simpler and faster because the regional center is already government-approved for EB-5 investors. This means that the documentation for your green card application will be ready faster and you will become a permanent resident sooner.

Regional center flowchart:

About $1,000,000 ($1 million) Investments | EB-5 Investors

You can also become a permanent resident by investing $1 million in any industry or location in the US. This option offers the most flexibility for your investment.

How do I invest $1 million?

There are three ways to invest:
  • By starting a new business; or
  • By purchasing an existing business and restructuring it; or
  • By purchasing a troubled business and expanding it by 140% or retaining all existing jobs.

What are the basic requirements?

  • Your investment must directly or indirectly create 10 jobs; and
  • You must actively manage your investment and business.

What are the advantages of investing $1 million?

  • Complete control over your investment and business.
  • You choose the type of business.
  • You choose your employees.
  • You choose the location of your business.


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